Wardrobe check & Personal Shopping


“Not a lot of clothes make you confident in your style but the right one and the ones that fit!"

As fashion stylist we organize and rearrange wardrobes professionally. Our focus is based around working women especially the ones with family to make each and every one of them "more visible" with the right outfits. To make each and every one of them stand out in their most confident way when it comes to public appearance . 


A well organized wardrobe check is the foundation for everything that follows. Together we discover what really suits you, which directions you can built on in the future and what message you would like to communicate.  We literally sharpen your eyes and question: Do your current peaces still serve you on a professional level or is it time to let go? 

We would love you to imagine our guidance, along this transformation, as a neutral and objective point of view without any judgment. We will literally "take you by your hand" and help you learn in many ways. One of them is how to let go and doing it the right and healthy way. We support YOU as a person in order to make room and organize your precious private space in the most effective way possible. This transformation is followed by our guidance of showing you where to bring & how to donate your unwanted peaces in a mindful, healthy and new ways. 

"On an average, the European woman has approximately 500 to 1000Euro worth of unworn cloths hanging in their closets  and above. We can change that for the better.

Taking you on an exciting shopping trip will be after viewing your closet. The reason for this well-thought out structure is the intentions of finding only the right missing peaces for your own unique style to achieve results that last. We are convinced, only mindful consumption is truly sustainable in the long run!

We promise to create an exceptional and unforgettable shopping experience for our beloved client. During our journey our professional team will make a preselection presented at an exclusive space in order to meet the needs of our clients. 

Investing in us means investing in you! For a more sustainable future.


Mindful Consumtion 


Reduced consumption is key for a sustainable life. 

What is called a "Capsule Wardrobe" is in fact a carefully selected wardrobe containing only your favourite peaces. 

We, as your personal stylists, help you to mix & match your existing peaces and invent your style in new ways.

This type of knowledge and intelligent approach to fashion will help you for the future in order to keep a minimalistic mindset in form of a reduced wardrobe. 

“Minimalism in general doesn't mean to have or own less. It stands for creating new space of what's really important in our life.”

Empowerment & Personal Branding


You are hoping for a more confident appearance in your professional life but not enough time to make it happen? Imagine you are having a very important meeting today, maybe a presentation were you would like to look and feel 100% your best in order to communicate the right things. We can help you!

Diverse business fields bring different requirements when it comes to the area of fashion.

We show off your best advantages and underline your expertise with style. 

Your priorities do not necessarily have to be about fashion. 

It’s all about empowerment to...

  • ...find the right clothes in order to feel good but at the same time focusing again on the real important things in life.

  • ... make yourself visible as the unique soul you are with your own personal style!

  • ...underline your strengths so that your environment perceives you in the right way!                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

You will realise, with the right outfits for your body type, you will start to show up with a stronger self-awareness on stage.

During our consultation it will be all about making your strengths visible and to integrate your personality into your style.



"It's not about being perfect, it's about being authentic !"




We would love to help you review the way you see yourself as in a more gentle direction.

Especially as a mother we have to own the respect for our bodies of once giving birth to our loved ones. We were carrying a new live in our bodies!

Let's stop "shame-or down-talking" our bodies. Let's change the way we think about our shapes, skin, hair,...etc. for the better and redirect our focus more in the direction of finding the right clothes for our body instead the other way round.

"When your trousers feel weird on you, change them, not you!"

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