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Wardrobe Check at home with blogger Vreni Frost

“We have the neutral and judgment free eye, exactl what you need.“

We will guide you threw the entire process of „letting go“ of clothes that do not serve you any more.

We help you organizing your space and where you can dispose your unwanted clothes in a more sustainable way. 

We will guide you step by step towards a wardrobe that reflects your personality in the most unique way possible.


A wardrobe that only contains your favourite clothes, which can mix and match perfectly together.

We capture your “New you” in the form of authentic Before and After pictures. 

Our wardrobe-check, also known as wardrobe-detox, is the important base to a more successful shopping trip together.

It is our very first priority to find the right clothes especially for you.


Only cautious consumption will be sustainable worth for you in the long- run.

Foto: Bloglovin

Kleiderschrank Check bei Bloggerin Isabel von Little Years

Our experience shows that resistance accrues in the fields where you have the most do to. 

Beginning can be the hardest when you start at these points.
We will make steps easier for you throughout our advising service, which is perfectly assamblet to your needs. ​

As skilled Couture tailor (Maren and Kristin) and textile manager (Janine) we recognize potential of your clothes straight away. Additionally, we will open up new possibilities of how you can mix & match certain styles with each other. The end results and outcomes will be mind-blowing changes.

Many times it just happens that our beloved customers fall in love with old designs or simply enjoy unnoticed clothes again during the process of finding new matching outfit combinations. 

Remember, investing in us means investing in yourself! You will find out and even start to learn how to consume fashion in a new, more sustainable way. 


Simply drop us an email with your appointment request and we will take care of the rest. Don’t be shy say hi and we will be delighted to send you more information and our pricing list.  




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